My name is Allyson, and I am a recently added member of the support staff. I've been doing technical support for the last year, and I am looking forward to adding my skillset to the MediRoutes team!

I am currently in my junior year of my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science/Computer Information Systems at the University of Phoenix. I am looking forward to my graduation next year. The AMC show "Halt and Catch Fire" actually inspired me to go into the IT field. I am very inquisitive and love knowing how things work.

When I'm not helping out on the job or working on classwork, I'm typically cozied up in bed reading, playing video games, or doing yoga. I used to strum my ukulele, but I recently switched to banjo. I love music and have been singing since I was seven years old.

Fun fact about

Allyson Bunyar


I love hiking and already covered most of my "dream hikes" in Arizona in the first couple years of living here. I am always looking forward to the next hike and am always up for location suggestions!