Hi there! Steve here. I captain this ship. And what a grand time we are having, serving the NEMT community.  

I consider myself both an engineer, I enjoy the creative process of solving problems, and a business person. I love free enterprise, that idea that those with the best ideas and product win!  

I've always been fascinated with maps and early on, when I first started writing software for a Personal Computer, I saw the potential for combining maps, one of humanities earliest inventions, with computers, humanities most clever invention. With that, in the mid 80s, I started writing mapping software, that displayed, zoomed and navigated digital map data on a computer screen. That was quite novel at the time.

What followed was over 30 years of tapping out code, creating product, solving problems, often using mapping data.  

I've always wanted to have my own company. That American Dream caught me at an early age, growing up in a small town in southeastern Michigan, and benefitting from the success of the pioneers of the automotive industry.

I feel I have that in common with my clients in the NEMT business. That desire to have your own business, to pursue that American Dream, to have the success that hard work and innovation can earn.  

MediRoutes is the result of an engineer turned entrepreneur. And a tool that helps other entrepreneurs, pursue and achieve their dreams. How beautiful is that!

Fun fact about

Steve Smith


I was one of the first people to write software to quickly display and navigate a digital map on a Personal Computer or PC. The capabilities of computer hardware at that time made that quite a feat 😊