I have been a part of the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry for over a decade, starting out as a trip auditor for one of the largest NEMT brokers in 2006. With a passion for computers and a love for learning new technologies, I made the transition to the IT department as a Business Analyst. During this time, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the NEMT industry, including Credentialing, EDI Billing, Capacity Management, and the various state, local, and private industry requirements.

My work on RSD/CAD (Routing, Scheduling, and Dispatch/Computer Aided Dispatch) systems led me to discover MediRoutes, a transportation management software company. I worked closely with the owner, Steve Smith, on several projects, and in 2016, I was given the opportunity to manage the training department and assist new users in signing up for the platform. Through this role, I gained an understanding of the various sources of trips and the requirements of brokers and private payers.

As MediRoutes grew, I was asked to shift my focus to oversee the technical development of the product, utilizing the skills I acquired as a Business Analyst. I currently serve as the Product Manager for MediRoutes' Desktop, Mobile, and Web system. My responsibilities include gathering requirements, testing, and troubleshooting our products, providing support for our integration partners and other users who interact with our API, and documenting customer feedback to create a roadmap for our team.

I take pride in my work at MediRoutes, and I am dedicated to improving the transportation experience for all users.

Fun fact about

Chris Daley


I live in St. Louis and love Blues Hockey!  If you watch some of the Knowledge Base and MediRoutes Academy videos I’ve created, you may notice the names of various Blues players and other hockey players used for mock data!