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We offer full-service software solutions for NEMT providers. Our user-friendly platform streamlines your scheduling, dispatching, billing and reporting, Simplify your operations with our solutions.

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We make it easy to optimize your routes and increase your on-time performance.

We put all aspects of managing your NEMT business at your fingertips.

Monetize every seat in your vehicle
Track vehicles with real-time GPS
On the go real-time dispatching
Utilize API integrations to receive real-time updates from brokers
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Detailed analytics and statistics

All the data you need to understand better how your business is doing.

Trips and dispatch statistics
Revenues overview
Overview of the drivers "en route"

Packaged with
amazing features

Harness the features of MediRoutes to manage every aspects of your NEMT business.

Full-featured Solution

From 1 vehicle to 100's of vehicle operations - MediRoutes can be customized to suit your company's every need.

Ease of Use

Our software is intuitive and easy to use so your team can achieve more with reduced training time.

Truly Cloud Based

One version for all users allows you to access your data from any device at any time, keeping you connected and informed wherever you are.

Live Dispatching

See real-time locations of all vehicles at once on one screen.

Driver App

An easy to use, reliable app that allows drivers to perform trips and access real-time updates.


Fully integrated with all major brokers across the U.S.

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Software was designed for many use cases

Software for Dispatchers

Our software is the perfect solution for NEMT providers looking to improve their dispatching process. With our user-friendly interface, dispatchers can effortlessly manage passengers trips, track real-time vehicle location, and communicate seamlessly with their drivers. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual dispatching and welcome our on the go Web App into your daily operations for easy and quick trip modifications and updates.

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Software for Managers

As a NEMT provider, you need a transportation software that can help you stay on top of your fleet's performance. Our software provides comprehensive reports on essential metrics such as fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and driver safety. With our advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, managers can make informed decisions that optimize fleet operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge transportation software.

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Software for Drivers

MediRoutes was designed to make NEMT driving safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. Our mobile app provides real-time updates and detailed client information to drivers on the go. Drivers can communicate directly with dispatchers, report any issues or incidents, and receive instant updates on schedule changes. With our software, drivers can focus on providing the best possible transportation experience to their passengers.

An NEMT driver sitting in the driver seat looking back at the passenger