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Transportation companies need efficient routes, real-time fleet visibility, and robust integrations with payers.  MediRoutes handles the technical stuff, so you can focus on your business.

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The demand for NEMT is large and growing

MediRoutes has been the industry leader since 2008 

Real-Time Dispatching & Driver Mobile App

Efficiently manage your non-emergency medical transportation with our real-time dispatching and scheduling tools. MediRoutes provides total fleet visibility through our GPS-enabled driver mobile app for iOS & Android. This powerful solution seamlessly coordinates transportation for patients, improving on-time performance and reducing wait times.

Automated, Optimized Scheduling

Designed to solve the challenge of manual and time-consuming scheduling processes, MediRoutes uses advanced algorithms to create optimized schedules based on factors such as vehicle availability, driver schedules, and appointment times.

The result is a more efficient and cost-effective transportation schedule, reducing wait times for passengers and increasing operational efficiency for NEMT providers. By automating the scheduling process, this tool helps to increase revenue miles and reduces the dependency for manual scheduling, freeing up dispatchers to focus on other important tasks.

Billing & Reporting

Chances are, we have billing integrations for the brokers and vendors your company works with. These integrations enable your business to spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time collecting payments.In NEMT, transportation providers can deal with dozens of payors (funding source) who have different billing requirements.

MediRoutes is designed with this in mind supporting multiple exports, API integrations, and forms (ex. driver logs). Having support for both canned and custom invoices, MediRoutes helps to take the hassle out of pen and paper methods and ensures that every trip is billed correctly, to each distinct payor.

Data Integration (API)

We know how to write software and we want to encourage you to do the same! Our open API gives you the opportunity to expand your IT footprint and take your data into your own hands.

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Do you want to drive using MediRoutes, but do not know where to start?

We've answered some of your most common questions that will help you better understand how MediRoutes can fit your needs.

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I already drive for Uber and Lyft, can I drive for MediRoutes as well?

MediRoutes is a software that mediates trips from brokers and transportation providers to drivers. Our platform is used to schedule and dispatch existing trips for drivers. We do not curate trips for drivers at the moment.

If I want to start my own NEMT business, how many drivers do I need to have in order to utilize MediRoutes?

All you need is 1 driver and 1 trip to get started with MediRoutes. We encourage companies to streamline their operations from the beginning to allow for easy scaling.

Do I have to complete a minimum amount of trips in order to use Mediroutes?

MediRoutes is a big supporter of owner/operator business models. Our software supports 1 trip up to thousands of trips per day. It's never too early for you to utilize a software solution to organize your day-to-day.

Does MediRoutes provide training and support for on-boarding when I sign-up?

We take pride in our full-service support team that are always ready to assist our clients in all of their needs. With a dedicated onboarding training program, be confident that are you set up for success with MediRoutes.

Client Testimonials

Zipcare Transportation

"Where's My was a game changer, our customers loved it especially the parents of students that we transport because they can track their kids in real-time."

COO, Director of Operations & Co-Owner

B & B Transportation

"Being able to see drivers where they are, how fast they are going, seeing real-time locations through the GPS feature. Are they going to be late so I can put their trip on another available driver because I don’t want any of my clients late? Every year there’s something new with functionalities and I find out that my job is going to be easier!"


Reliant on Call

"Best way of scaling has been MediRoutes which gives us an edge over our competition by using the portal. It’s allowed us to offer a lot more than our competition currently is and allows our clients to log in and see real-time where the vehicles are at & how long it will be before the patients are picked up, and before they are arriving to their programs."

Marketing & Business Development Manager

WheelCare Transportation

"There’s never been a time where I call, and no one calls me back. It’s easy to use. 75% of the time the scheduling is done automatically. Every once in a while, since we have integrated with brokers, the broker part has not been easy and the problems I’ve had, MediRoutes has tried being the mediator between the two and fix the problem. And they fix the problem! MediRoutes is user-friendly and the people who created it and the current team is all you need to be successful. "

Erica Collins - Software Webflow Template

Quality Transport Services (QTS)

"It’s very important for us to be with a company that has an open architecture that allows us to connect to, pull data, and push data back, so that we can utilize the data in our business processes. "

John Carter - Software Webflow Template

United Community Action Network Transportation

"We used to do everything by manual data entry, so now all our rides are imported, and we just schedule to the driver we want them to go to. It has been 100% incredible for us. My favorite thing is when we need customer assistance, they are there immediately! They are an incredible team!"

Eunice Graham - Software Webflow Template

MediRoutes Mobile Application

Allowing drivers to seamlessly integrate with dispatchers and plan their routes for the day.

Ready to start using MediRoutes today?

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NEMT driver in vehicle driving on road to pick up passenger