Hi! I'm Neville. I have been in MediRoutes for four years as a Full-Stack developer, where I'm involved in developing and maintaining web and mobile applications.  

I was born and raised in UAE (commonly known as 'Dubai'). I completed my bachelor's degree at a UK-based university in UAE. I worked in the country for two years while applying for master's programs in the US. Upon completion of my master's in the US, I started working in MediRoutes. Since the beginning of 2022, I have begun working on my Ph.D.

In my free time, I code side projects such as applications and smart home setups. I also like building gaming PCs and setting up entertainment/home-theater setups. I enjoy playing chess, too, and have recently been addicted to chess puzzles and videos. While I have a chessboard setup in my living room that helps me pretend to be a pro or enthusiast, I am nowhere close to either.

Fun fact about

Neville Nazerane


I once coded for almost 36 hours straight during a hackathon with three friends. After this, I felt completely stable during other project presentations. Yes, hours after that, I did feel some interesting effects we shall not talk about, and no, I do not intend to do this again.