I’m a Baton Rouge, Louisiana Native (Go Tigers!!). I currently reside in the cultural hub of Lafayette, Louisiana.

I’m excited to be a part of the talented MediRoutes Team as the COO. I’ve been working closely with them for the past 5+ years. I come from a NEMT background of over 11 years and have held Dispatching, Fleet Management, and Operational Management positions as a Transportation Provider. I have also been the State Director and Chief Operating Officer at NEMT Brokers. My experience gives me a unique insight into what customers are expecting from MediRoutes.

In my role, I love to ask “dumb” questions to empower my teammates to solve problems. I like to look at each roadblock as a learning opportunity and enjoy learning and growing along with my team.

Outside of work, I enjoy hunting, fishing, playing sports, boiling crawfish, lounging by the pool and spending time with my family (especially my wife and our extremely spoiled giant dogs).  

Fun fact about

Morgan Landry


My Favorite movie is Captain Ron, a classic from the ‘90s starring Kurt Russell and Martin Short, and I shamelessly quote it regularly.