What to Look For in a NEMT Platform?

NEMT platforms are the future for non-emergency medical transportation services.

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What to Look For in a NEMT Platform?

Non-emergency medical transportation apps (NEMT) are mobile applications designed specifically to cater to the needs of non-emergency medical transport services. These applications allow NEMT companies to run their operations smoothly while collecting essential data throughout their daily operations. 

By implementing this application, your company can focus on customer-driven service with excellent support. It can allow customers to provide reliable services to the public while they grow and expand their business. A NEMT app will provide support, a cloud-based service, and brokerage imports. It can help with the following sectors of a non-emergency medical transport service:

  • Dispatching
  • Scheduling
  • Billing and reporting
  • Data integration

NEMT apps will provide a business with detailed analytics and statistics to understand more about their service. From this, they will be able to identify what areas of the company are flourishing while other areas need more attention or even investment.

It provides a NEMT service company with the opportunity to understand the mechanics of their business to make it the most innovative and efficient non-emergency medical transportation service on the market.

NEMT application differs from other transportation solutions as it provides a broader range of services and solutions to run a structured and well-organized company. While other transportation solutions can be applied to many different business sectors, NEMT platforms are explicitly designed for non-emergency medical transportation and the pitfalls that come with it.   

There are several benefits to implementing a non-emergency medical transportation platform in your business, including:

  • Increasing productivity: These NEMT platforms can help businesses with dispatching and scheduling services so that these industry sectors are more streamlined, and less time is required for booking, billing, and eligibility.
  • Reducing costs: As many of the features of a NEMT dispatcher can be automated or made less time-consuming, it can reduce the overall costs of a business, freeing more money to grow and expand the company. 
  • Better service: It provides better service to patients as NEMT cloud dispatch gives real-time operational updates so that you can provide customers with an efficient and trustworthy service. 
  • Back-office services: There are several back-office services that a NEMT app can provide, including cloud-based dispatching, driver and vehicle management, and billing services. This allows businesses to take their service to the next level.

NEMT platforms are the future for non-emergency medical transportation services as they ensure patients receive excellent and quality service while supporting businesses in achieving this goal. 

MediRoutes - Your Premier NEMT Platform Provider

Although there are many NEMT platforms available in the market, MediRoutes remains a leading solution provider that goes the extra mile by boosting operational performance with real-time data. The MediRoutes team provides comprehensive support that empowers NEMT companies across every aspect of their daily operations. MediRoutes’ advanced and reliable features streamline processes in billing, scheduling, booking, dispatch, and billing to help NEMT companies manage their business with unmatched ease. 

Key MediRoutes Features

MediRoutes provides the following granular products and features to help companies manage their NEMT operations with confidence regardless of project scale and complexity. 

User-friendly Driver App

NEMT Drivers can download the intuitive MediRoutes driver app on their mobile to receive real-time information for optimized routing (e.g., avoid heavy traffic lanes) and organized communication for improved efficiency and patient satisfaction. The driver app also helps to eliminate the fuss and confusion in scheduling via an accessible one-stop communication platform, driving on-time performance. 

Powerful Analytics

MediRoutes presents visual real-time insights that empower NEMT companies in analytical decision-making. The platform offers graphical breakdowns and detailed statistics for complete dispatch and vehicle-tracking management. Users can effectively view monthly trip breakdowns and monitor ongoing revenue. 

Integrated Communication System

Built-in API integration enables MediRoutes users to manage real-time communications across multiple channels for smooth communication with large broker networks. Similarly, patients and their loved ones can rely on advanced API integrations to book trips from different touch points.  

Flexible NEMT Solution

When selecting a suitable platform for a NEMT system, it is important to choose a platform that aligns with business goals while having the potential to grow with the company. MediRoutes serves as a reliable cloud-based full-service solution tailored to each NEMT company by considering the critical factors for providing the best patient-centered care and increasing profitability.

NEMT Platform Pricing

NEMT software pricing is among the most important factors when choosing a software platform. Every dollar has to be accounted for when you run a business, and it is good business practice to save money where possible. Most NEMT companies have a large amount of overhead, so getting the most out of your purchase is essential. These overheads could include:

  • Registration fees
  • Legal fees
  • Insurance and permits
  • Facility leasing 
  • Renovation costs, including structural, furniture, and equipment
  • Website 
  • Utilities
  • Marketing

So, when deciding on a NEMT platform, pricing is crucial. NEMT platform pricing is variable and depends on the company and what services they provide. Most NEMT software costs are split into several different plans. These plans will give customers several options based on what your company needs and wants. Other companies do not have a fixed monthly fee. Instead, their cost is based on the design and customization of their product for each customer. 

While choosing the incorrect NEMT software will not ruin your business, it may have a significant effect on your bottom line as well as give you a considerable headache, so it is while to consider all your options before rushing in to choose a NEMT software platform. You need to separate the nice-to-have features from the essential elements and determine what comes within your budget. By doing this, you will choose the best option for your business, and you can focus on providing excellent service. 

Cloud-Based NEMT Platform

Having a cloud-based NEMT platform has certain benefits that standard transportation software does not give. All the data from the company’s operations is stored in the cloud for easy access, and it is not reliant on downloads, so it is more efficient and in real-time. By implementing a cloud-based NEMT software platform, you have a scalable and flexible solution customized directly to your needs. 

Cloud-based systems have become more prevalent in recent years and for good reason. You can retrieve your information anywhere, on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. The risk of losing data due to hardware failure or any other event is minimal because all your information is backed up onto secure servers. 

The non-emergency medical transportation billing software can be accessed easily to create reports or charts from the data collected. Your sensitive financial information is more secure in a cloud-based NEMT billing software as the information is constantly backed up and monitored.   

For most NEMT companies, scheduling software is vital to their operations. The cloud-based non-emergency medical transport scheduling software can instantly access any information, so preparing drivers and setting routes will be faster and more accurate than ever before. 

Cloud-based NEMT software platforms will keep the pace of your company and will grow as you grow. It is the future of NEMT software. 

Best NEMT Software

NEMT software can elevate your business operations and increase customer satisfaction. Choosing the correct software package for your business is very important. If you are implementing a platform to streamline your business and make your operations smoother, you will need it to contain a specific number of attributes. 

Deciding the features that are non-negotiable and have to be included within your software package will make it easier to determine which company and NEMT software package will suit your business.  

The software with the best NEMT software reviews is MediRoutes. It is one of the industry-leading and useable software packages on the market. It is a user-driven, cloud-based software platform that will support and empower customers to reach their goals and streamline their operations. 

The NEMT dispatch software from MediRoutes is second-to-none. It tracks your vehicles and gives real-time dispatching to ensure all scheduling is completed on time, so customers receive the best service. 

Businesses can instantly receive various analytics and statistics about their operations and other important variables. It gives them an insight into how their company operates and what they can do better. 

Contact MediRoutes to start your cloud-based NEMT software journey today and elevate your business instantly.

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