What is NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software?

There are lots of NEMT cloud dispatch software that offer various features. But how do you choose the best NEMT software suitable for your business?

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What is NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software?

In recent years, cloud-based solutions have become the buzzword in many industries. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is no different. NEMT cloud dispatch beats the traditional dispatch system with all its limitations. By leveraging intelligent software and real-time data, you can say goodbye to manual routing, endless paperwork, and confusing communication.

What Is NEMT Cloud Dispatch?

NEMT cloud dispatch is a software solution that automates most, if not all, of the processes NEMT transportation providers undertake. From scheduling, dispatching, communicating, and even billing and reporting, the software handles the grunt work. It streamlines the process so that transportation providers can focus on giving high-quality service to their passengers. NEMT dispatch has never been as easy as this.

Benefits of a NEMT Dispatch Software

Using the traditional dispatching system, one typical day for a NEMT dispatcher is like a battle. They must contend with passenger requests, traffic, delays, miscommunication, and manual routing. A full-service NEMT software can take care of all this with just a few clicks of a button. Here are some real-world benefits of NEMT dispatch software:

Enhances Operational Efficiency

The software optimizes the scheduling and dispatching process, considering important factors like appointment times, vehicle availability, and driver schedules. Further, with access to real-time data, dispatchers can easily manage passenger requests and monitor all dispatched vehicles. This simplifies an otherwise time-consuming operation and reduces the risks of delays so that passengers get to their destinations smoothly and on time.

Reduces Cost

By optimizing the routes, NEMT providers get the most out of every trip, monetizing every seat in a vehicle by maximizing capacity limits. Loading each vehicle to its capacity and lesser trips for the same number of passengers means reduced fuel costs and increased revenues per mile. Automating the system frees up the dispatchers and gives them more time to focus on other essential tasks.

Improved NEMT Service

Delays are the bane of NEMT transportation providers and passengers. NEMT cloud dispatch software employs advanced algorithms to lessen wait times. On top of that, with real-time data, dispatchers can handle passenger requests and relay essential updates to drivers and passengers in real time and on the go. And improved communication will always lead to more satisfied passengers.

Ensures Safety

NEMT software provides real-time monitoring of all vehicles, so dispatchers always know drivers' locations and trip status. The software also stores important passenger details like medical conditions and special needs by adding notes to the trip for the driver. Dispatchers can easily assess the situation and respond quickly and appropriately if anything unexpected arises.

NEMT Certification

Non-emergency medical transportation certification requirements vary from state to state. And although there is no national standard that NEMT transportation providers must follow, a common standard for NEMT certification includes:

Driver's License and Training

NEMT driver requirements are necessary since they transport people with existing medical conditions to and from their appointments. Typically, requirements may include a criminal background check and a valid driver's license. In addition, NEMT drivers may also have to undergo wheelchair transport training, CPR and first-aid courses, and vehicle maintenance training.

Dispatcher Training

Dispatchers may also have to undergo a professional course on properly scheduling and dispatching NEMT vehicles. Basic dispatcher training may include handling customers, proper record-keeping, and compliance with different regulatory requirements.

Vehicle Safety

To ensure drivers' and passengers' safety, providers must comply with NEMT vehicle requirements. Regular inspection and maintenance of the vehicle's brakes, lights, motors, tires, and other aspects are necessary. 


Compliance with any state or local regulation is a must. Also, ADA compliance is vital if a NEMT provider accommodates passengers with special needs and those in wheelchairs.

NEMTAC Certification

Although not required, obtaining accreditation from a trusted organization gives a NEMT provider a competitive advantage. Accredited providers also hold themselves to higher quality and safety standards. 

One of the most widely recognized organizations that certifies NEMT is the Non-emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Transportation (NEMTAC). To obtain NEMTAC accreditation, providers must meet the following requirements:

  • Business License:NEMT providers must have a valid business license to comply with all local and state laws.
  • Employer ID Number (EIN): Also known as the Federal Tax Identification Number, business entities can apply for this online at the Internal Revenue Service website.
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI):The NPI is a unique ID number for healthcare providers. Providers can obtain this from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Relevant NEMT Services:The provider must offer relevant services such as NEMT services, stretcher and wheelchair van services, and paratransit providers.

Best NEMT Software

There are lots of NEMT cloud dispatch software that offer various features. But how do you choose the best NEMT software suitable for your business? Here are critical considerations for selecting the best NEMT software in the market:

Cloud Compatibility

Cloud-based software allows users to access data from any device at any time. This will enable drivers and dispatchers' access to the same data, keeping them in the loop for real-time updates. It's also easier to keep data secure and update cloud-based software.


Even when NEMT providers are starting with one vehicle, scalability is essential. The NEMT software must have the capability to accommodate the current as well as future needs of your company so that you'll have an easier time growing your business.


Ensure that the NEMT software integrates with major brokers from all over the country, so it'll be easy to import trips from different brokers. Aside from that, software with open API allows you to have full control of your data.

NEMT Software Pricing

Software companies follow different pricing models for their products. For NEMT cloud dispatch software, companies could follow the subscription-based model, per transaction plan, or tiered package. Software companies that charge per transaction are the safest, especially if you're starting, as you only get charged based on your usage.

NEMT Software Reviews

Customer reviews are often the best indicator of service quality. There's no better way to gauge a company's product than to read and listen to what existing users say about the product. It gives you an idea of the pros and cons of using specific NEMT software.

Customer Support

The learning curve with new software can be steep, especially if it's packed with many features. The software company must provide excellent customer support and training to walk you through onboarding and train your people if necessary.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation App

Most non-emergency medical transportation applications are available as desktop applications. However, it's best to use a GPS-enabled mobile and web app service to enjoy a full range of services. Here are some benefits of patient transportation software:

Real-Time Updates

Do passengers cancel their trips? Are drivers changing their routes? Dispatchers stay on top of these things as the driver's non-emergency transportation app syncs with the dispatch system. This way, NEMT providers get real-time updates on all their vehicles, even when there are changes on the road. This ensures safety on the road and quick response in case of emergency.

Electronic Data Capture

You can go paperless with a NEMT mobile app and still capture essential data. For instance, you can capture the passenger's signature required to collect payments from various payors. Other data you can collect from a mobile app includes time stamps and GPS insights.


With an intuitive user interface, drivers can use the mobile app without in-depth training. After downloading, they can use it immediately and manage their work schedules within the application.


Dispatchers can easily communicate with drivers and vice versa using the mobile app. This ensures that dispatchers and drivers work seamlessly to deliver the best service to passengers. 


The web app gives you access to the NEMT software wherever you are. You can schedule trips and dispatch vehicles anywhere in the world using whatever device you have access to, as long as you have an internet connection. 

NEMT Billing Software

An excellent NEMT software does not just streamline the scheduling and dispatching process; it should also help improve revenue cycle management. Thus, cloud dispatch software must also have the tool to serve as billing software for NEMT. Here's how the right software can also help with the financial side of a NEMT provider's operation:

Electronic Billing and Invoicing

You can say goodbye to the pile of paperwork with NEMT billing software. The application will automatically prepare electronic invoices and submit them to the payor with just a click of a button. This feature alone will expedite the billing process, so providers get paid faster.

Variety of Billing Methods

Different brokers have various requirements when it comes to billing. Providers must accomplish various forms like paper invoices, CMS 1500s, and electronic trip sheets. NEMT software can automate this process and help providers comply with the requirements of all major brokers and payors.

Autofill Forms

Say goodbye to data entry. A software's NEMT billing services should handle the tedious task of filling out the forms. With less human intervention, information inputs are more accurate and have less room for errors.

Financial Reporting

NEMT billing software generates reports, giving providers valuable insights into the financial aspect of their operation. You can monitor revenue streams, financial performance, and claim status within the software.

NEMT providers don't have to stick to their services' traditional scheduling, dispatching, and billing methods. With intelligent software to automate most of these processes, NEMT providers can focus on the human touch—giving the best service to their clients.

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