What is Medical Transportation Management Software?

Medical transportation management software has a high number of benefits for many businesses.

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What is Medical Transportation Management Software?

When you are running your own business, anything that helps you streamline your operations and makes your company more profitable is an avenue you should be interested in. For non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services, implementing medical transportation software is an excellent way to elevate your business and increase passenger satisfaction overall. 

Medical transportation software or non-emergency transportation dispatching software is a digital platform that can be used on both desktop computers and non-emergency medical transportation apps. It enables NEMT, PACE programs, and other health services to manage operations and simplify processes. These companies primarily transport people to and from medical appointments for several reasons, including mobility, lack of transport, and aliments. 

While it is not as well-known as other health services, it is an essential service for many people unable to get to their important medical appointments on their own. 

Medical transportation management software has a high number of benefits for many businesses. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Plan multi-stop routes to pick up numerous passengers at once. These routes can be developed in minutes to optimize employee time and fuel costs. It saves your office employees hours of planning so they can concentrate on more essential tasks like long-term business planning and increasing your passenger base.
  • It generates customizable route planning, including GPS tracking, photo capture, and proof of ride completion. This will create routes with the exact parameters your business needs to accommodate every passenger. 
  • Manage your employees and communicate with them in real time to ensure the efficient completion of tasks. If an extra passenger needs to be collected on-route or a route has changed, this can be communicated easily and efficiently. 
  • Track customized metrics to elevate your business. Tracking metrics is an excellent way to monitor sectors of your industry that are underperforming or find patterns in how business is completed daily. It can show great insight into how things are completed and if they can be better executed.  

Investing in medical transportation management software will continually prove that your company is reliable, efficient, and proficient at its service. Comprising on patient care through mismanaged routes and late pickups is not an option when passengers’ health is at risk. Your business will receive complaints, you can receive fines and it will result in a bad reputation and decreased business overall. 

Medical transportation management software can increase passenger satisfaction and elevate your business by reducing overheads, streamlining operations, and automating repetitive tasks and is an excellent option for any NEMT business, big or small. 

Best NEMT Software

When choosing a NEMT platform, there are specific criteria that you need to consider before investing in the best NEMT software for your company. Firstly, you need to decide what features you need within the software and what attributes would be nice but optional. Once you have determined that, you can align your needs and wants with the budget allocated to this investment.  

Top NEMT companies will implement the best non-emergency medical transportation app as it has many benefits that will push their business to the next level. NEMT software will ensure that every seat in your vehicle is filled so that you receive top profits for every trip. It utilizes API integrations to receive real-time updates from your employees. This helps your patients and brings in monetary value every time an employee sets out on a trip. 

Along with operational benefits, NEMT software lets you plan your long-term strategy for your business. It will analyze and create detailed analytics and reports of vital statistics from your overall business practices, including trip and dispatch statistics, revenue analysis, and an overview of drivers and their productivity level. 

If your operations are streamlined and more profitable, it will make your company more efficient and trustworthy overall for passengers to use in their time of need. 

One thing to remember is that smooth business operations and efficiency are critical to a successful and profitable business, but so are happy and comfortable passengers. Passenger satisfaction is the beating heart of a company, so as long as you keep in mind that passengers are as important as streamlined productivity, that is a recipe for a successful NEMT service. 

Medical transportation management software is the best way for NEMT services to elevate their business and keep their passengers happy while reducing their overheads and increasing their profits.

NEMT Software Pricing

When investing in a new software platform or equipment for your business, a specific budget is allocated for implementing the new feature. In some circumstances, a monthly monetary value is also assigned, like for NEMT software or a new piece of equipment. 

NEMT software pricing can vary depending on what features you need and how big your company is. NEMT software cost usually consists of an amount for designing and implementing the software and a monthly fee for support and monitoring services afterward. Also, some monthly price plans include a non-emergency medical transportation app download for convenience and real-time updates of daily operations. 

Many companies have several different monthly price plans depending on the attributes you are looking for. 

While other companies have several different payment options, such as:

  • Per-User: This pricing plan involves paying for a software package based on how many users use it daily. 
  • Per-ride: This pricing plan involves paying a certain amount based on how many rides are completed in a specified period. 
  • Flat rate pricing: This is the most expensive pricing plan as it contains a flat rate for all the software company's services. This pricing plan would suit larger companies that are incredibly busy and have many users. 

Several top software companies do not have pricing plans on their website, like [MediRoutes|https://www.mediroutes.com/product] pricing, as their software is customizable to every passenger and business. A price will be allocated once they discuss the medical transportation management software. 

There are various choices for businesses to make regarding pricing plans for medical transportation management software. To decide which company is the right fit for your business, you need to determine which one has the most features you need for the monthly price within your budget. 

NEMT Billing Software

NEMT billing services are a medical transportation management software feature that should be discussed more often. While these NEMT software packages have a range of benefits for companies, one excellent advantage is that most companies, like [MediRoutes|https://www.mediroutes.com/product], have billing and invoicing capabilities. 

Most non-emergency medical transportation billing software can be implemented when ordering the complete software package, or it can be added on extra. There are two different ways that transportation billing services can help with the financial aspects of a NEMT business.

Some software packages automate payment notifications, billing, and invoices. You must set up the parameters through the NEMT billing services section of the software; then, you can enjoy automated billing and invoice service. 

Some software packages do not contain automated billing packages. Instead, it complies and organizes the data you need to complete any billing or invoices so that you can easily download the information you need.

Either of these parameters reduces the amount of work and time a business needs to allocate to these financial matters and reduces the cost. In some cases, a small business may not need to employ an extra staff member to look after the company's financial matters, as most of the data manipulation is completed by the NEMT software. This saves companies a lot of money, and they may be able to invest in other business areas. 

Medical Transportation Scheduling Software

One of the key features of NEMT services is their excellent scheduling and transport services for people who cannot get to their medical appointment independently. Any NEMT dispatcher that wants to be successful must be highly efficient regarding scheduling. 

It can be difficult to always keep on top of appointments and different routes, so adding a non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software to your business takes the pressure off your employees. 

Medical transportation scheduling software can configure the best routes in seconds. It will decipher the best route to pick up the most passengers in the shortest distance. This software gives the best routes for medical transportation dispatch based on distance and if any roadworks or blockages have occurred.

There are two significant benefits of NEMT services:

  • Passengers can entirely rely on your business to collect them on time and get them to their medical appointments efficiently.
  • Companies can reduce overheads by using less vehicle fuel due to more efficient routes and less NEMT dispatch training because deciding the routes drivers will take now only takes minutes instead of hours. 

Medical transportation scheduling software can help elevate a business by reducing overhead and increasing job efficiency. This, in turn, will make their services more efficient and reliable for passengers who will continue to use your company repeatedly. 

If you want to increase passenger satisfaction and your passenger base, contact MediRoutes today and start your journey to streamline your operations and elevate your business to higher levels.

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