How to Become an NEMT Provider

Reliability and convenience are the backbone of any NEMT provider

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How to Become an NEMT Provider

The main goal for NEMT services is to get customers from one place to another on time and according to schedule details. They also provide customers with specialty services to meet their needs. For example, suppose a customer is in a wheelchair. In that case, they'd schedule a pickup, which would facilitate them boarding the fleet vehicle with the proper accommodations to board and deboard the vehicle safely without issues. 

The NEMT broker must undergo extensive NEMT broker training and fulfill specific NEMT broker requirements to operate within the industry. An NEMT broker has various daily responsibilities, such as keeping current on the ever-changing healthcare system landscape, verifying patient eligibility, and coordinating scheduling and navigation. They also handle patient assessments, recording patient data, billing and payments, and communication between service providers and customers. 

Anyone interested in becoming a NEMT broker must first take some necessary steps. Initially, it’s important to establish professional relationships with other entities operating within the NEMT industry. That means contacting companies, CEOs, management, and even institutions that use NEMT services. 

Glean as much information from each party as possible to get a clear insight into the duties and responsibilities of NEMT service providers. The more you know about starting and establishing your NEMT transportation business, the better your emergence into the market will be for you. 

In terms of training, you can partner with a software services provider or expert working in the field to learn the ropes and determine the following. 

  • Which compliance measures should be in place? 
  • The job roles within a NEMT service provider
  • How to choose an automated software service 
  • Software and system requirements
  • Equipment necessary to conduct transportation services 
  • Expected revenue each year
  • How to streamline business processes
  • How to team up with figures in the local industry 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) plays a significant role today. Many individuals rely on these services to offer them access to healthcare services. This gives them the freedom to obtain the products and services necessary to care for themselves.

NEMT transportation fulfills the needs of people with disabilities and limitations who must get where they need to be safely and on time. People may rely on NEMT transportation for various reasons. They may be unable to drive, have mental or physical disabilities, or lack reliable personal transportation. Without these NEMT services, most couldn't make it to and from vital medical appointments.

It’s important to note that anyone considering becoming a NEMT broker understands each facet of providing these services and how to do it effectively. All individuals working in the transportation sector of a NEMT transportation service must also know and adhere to specific requirements to operate within compliance in the industry. For example, you’d need to understand both the NEMT vehicle requirements and the NEMT driver requirements. 

The vehicles must adhere to specific guidelines about the size of the vehicle, accessibility features, safety features, and maintenance requirements. In most scenarios, the driver must be trained and have a commercial-class driver’s license. They must also know how to use onboard features effectively to get patients in and out of vehicles professionally and safely. 

Pricing your services is also another critical business point to address. On average, non-emergency medical transportation rates are approximately $30 for the average transportation fee. Those figures may change depending on the additional needs and services as well as whether services are performed on holidays. The non-emergency medical transportation cost may fluctuate based on the number of stops, scheduling times, location, and assistance the customer needs. 

How To Start a NEMT Business

You may be wondering how to start an NEMT business. Before you begin, you’ll need to know the benefits and drawbacks of operating a NEMT transportation brokerage in today’s competitive industry. It costs, on average, approximately $30k to $100k to start your NEMT business. The NEMT transportation business is very lucrative for companies that implement the latest automation and technology. 

That figure on how much it costs to start a NEMT business includes the cost to get the appropriate permits, fulfill compliance measures and legal obligations, purchase a fleet of compliant vehicles, and obtain the equipment and services necessary to begin offering transportation services to customers. 

It's crucial to take the time to develop a written business plan. Focusing on the business planning portion of starting your NEMT business will help you understand which paths to take and what to expect. In addition, an adequate business plan will help you in the event you need to obtain financing or want to partner with another company or individual.

Getting the proper support and guidance is the key to starting successfully. Fortunately, there's help for those interested in learning how to start a non-emergency medical transportation business in Minnesota, how to become a NEMT provider in Georgia, or how to become a NEMT provider in Florida. 

NEMT Certification

If you’re starting an NEMT business, you’ll likely need to register your company with the state and local government. You’ll also need to present these details to organizations like Medicaid, with whom providers work daily to process services and payments offered to qualified patients.

Inquire with your local government to determine which registrations are required and how long you must complete the process to get a non-emergency medical transportation license. Be sure to correctly proceed with non-emergency medical transportation certification so that you can start providing services with the necessary credentials.

Getting the required licenses and permits is imperative. Each state and local government may have different obligations to fulfill. However, you’re generally required to have a Motor Carrier Permit. A hazardous material permit and required insurance are also necessary. Always ensure you've completed every step towards certification and registration to prevent issues, penalties, or even temporary cease and desist orders. 

Do you need to acquire a NEMT certification in Arizona, a transportation license in Florida, or a non-emergency medical transportation license in Florida?  

Once you’re licensed and certified appropriately, you can begin partnering with other organizations and healthcare providers to create a customer base to help you build stability and growth. You can also enjoy greater visibility for your business when you work with a local healthcare provider or organization. However, partnering with healthcare entities and organizations isn’t the only way to get started in the industry. 

There are methods involving working directly to appeal to customers individually rather than working from referrals from hospitals, doctors, rehab centers, or assisted living facilities. To get started, be sure to inquire with other companies operating in a similar capacity in addition to partnered organizations and providers. Your NEMT software services provider can also be an excellent resource for information and guidance while getting started in the NEMT transportation industry. 

Closing Considerations

If you want to start a business in the NEMT transportation industry, there are many considerations and tasks to tackle before you can even begin. First, have a solid business plan and learn everything about getting certified and licensed in your area. Determine the scope and size of your business and scale your services accordingly. 

You’ll also need to team up with a NEMT software services provider to ensure you get access to the best scheduling and dispatch services for your new company. Reliability and convenience are the backbone of any NEMT provider. 

That’s why it’s important to seek the best way to launch and integrate the information and services needed to compete from the beginning. Scale your offerings carefully and decide whether you want to team up with local organizations and healthcare providers to cross-promote and create additional visibility. It’s not a requirement, but it can provide traction from the start. 

If you'd like to learn more about NEMT software services or details about getting started as an NEMT transportation broker or provider, reach out to MediRoutes. We have the insight and tools to help new business owners get off on the right foot. As a leading name in the industry, we have a proven track record of success. 

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