NEMT Scheduling and Routing

Transportation scheduling software is specifically designed to streamline the non-medical transportation scheduling and routing process.

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NEMT Scheduling and Routing

Studies show that over 3 million people miss medical appointments every year due to transportation issues. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a critical lifeline for people who have no other means of attending medical appointments. NEMT transport services help these patients by picking them up at their homes or other designated locations and safely transporting them to and from non-emergency doctor visits, dental appointments, therapy appointments, pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical-related services.

What is NEMT Vehicle Scheduling?

Despite the importance of vehicle scheduling in the medical industry, scheduling NEMT transportation can be complex and time-consuming. But what is vehicle scheduling? Whether it's called vehicle or transportation scheduling, it's the process of accepting transportation requests from clients and developing a planned route for transporting these patients safely and efficiently, ensuring they make it to their appointments on time. Many factors must be considered with transportation scheduling, such as patient mobility support requirements, vehicle capacity limits, appointment times, and pickup and drop-off locations.

Transportation scheduling software is specifically designed to streamline the non-medical transportation scheduling and routing process. The main objectives of routing and scheduling software are route optimization, improved client experience, efficient billing processes, and increased revenue capabilities.

MediRoutes can help resolve some of the most pressing vehicle scheduling problems, such as high cancellation rates, HIPPA compliance, mobile support requirements, billing issues, and timing issues.

There are several important benefits of utilizing routing and scheduling in transportation software, including:

  • Automated Billing: NEMT software can automate the billing process by capturing client signatures at the time of service and integrating driver transport data. You can even apply different funding options based on factors such as trip source and insurance limitations.
  • Improved Customer Service: Easy-to-use NEMT applications can make it simpler for clients to schedule, cancel, and modify transportation requests with real-time updates.
  • Optimized Routing Process: Innovative NEMT technology can optimize the routing process to save time and money while improving customer services.
  • Real-Time Communication: NEMT enables real-time communication and updates between drivers, dispatchers, and passengers.
  • GPS Tracking: GPS tracking allows dispatchers to know exactly where each driver is at all times. This can improve the client experience and driver performance.
  • Get Digitized: With NEMT technology, your company can go paperless and become digitized, streamlining your operations, improving routes, and saving time and money.
  • Increased Revenue: Ultimately, using NEMT software can help your company save money by optimizing the routing process, streamlining the billing process, reducing deadhead miles, and improving customer interactions.

What Is Transport Scheduling?

Transport scheduling is a vital part of the medical industry. It can prevent costly no-shows and last-minute cancellations and improve the quality of healthcare services for millions of people.

What Is Vehicle Routing and Scheduling?

Vehicle routing and scheduling is the process of coordinating timely client transportation to and from their designated locations. One common routing and scheduling example is school buses transporting children to and from school. While NEMT Software focuses on client transportation to non-emergency medical appointments and services, these types of softwares can also be used in several different industries.  

What Is the Difference Between Routing and Scheduling?

There is a vital difference between the scheduling and routing process. Scheduling always takes place first because it would be impossible to develop a transport route without first having scheduling details.

During the scheduling process, the client (medical facilities, clinics, adult services and so on) contacts the transportation provider to schedule a ride. The client or representative provides all pertinent information, such as name, date, and time of appointment, pick-up and drop-off points, and type of required accommodations, such as a wheelchair or stretcher. The transportation company clarifies the information, ensures there are no duplications, and books the appointment.

At this point, the routing planning process starts. With the support of NEMT technology, a route is mapped out to ensure each client can be transported safely, securely, and on time. Route optimization, which helps minimize the number of miles driven and maximize revenues, plays a vital role in the routing planning process.

Factors to Consider in Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

At first glance, scheduling and routing non-emergency medical transportation may seem easy. However, there are numerous factors to consider, such as:  

  • Maximum rider capacity of each transport vehicle
  • Mobility support requirements
  • Funding source requirements and limitations
  • Distance between multiple pick-up and drop-off points
  • Ensuring all clients arrive at medical appointments on time

Transportation Scheduling App

MediRoutes is a cloud-based software platform that provides easy access to dispatchers, drivers, and passengers. It streamlines the scheduling and routing in the transportation process through various special features.

Here is a look at some top features of our MediRoutes scheduling software.

Easy-to-Use Request Forms

Our transportation booking app makes it easy for transportation providers to schedule trips. It also allows dispatchers to easily track drivers, set up recurring trips, and schedule suspension periods and holidays.

Instant Patient Authorization Through Driver Mobile App

Our driver mobile app features signature capture solutions so passengers can confirm their trip was completed. The app also tracks details, such as real-time GPS locations and routes so drivers can view a live schedule of their trips.

Automated Notifications

Our automated notification feature can help transportation providers avoid costly no-shows and day-of cancellations. Clients receive an interactive notification that allows them to confirm, cancel, or change the transportation service request through email, text, or voice notifications.

Two-Way, Real-time Messaging

Seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers via our mobile app can improve workplace efficiencies by keeping drivers up to date on any last-minute changes and allowing dispatchers to provide passengers with accurate estimated arrival times.

Convenient Timekeeping

Another valuable feature of our software is that drivers can quickly clock in and out via the driver mobile app. This convenience allows drivers to accurately keep track of hours worked while driving.  

Driver Vehicle Inspections

Drivers can also use the driver mobile app to conduct efficient vehicle inspections. The app leads drivers to answer various questions pertaining to the vehicle’s condition, such as gas tank levels, fluid levels, and visual inspections of lights, tires, and windshield wipers. Create the template through the web app or desktop to fully customize inspection details.

To reinforce that the vehicle inspection is completed before the driver pulls out before the day’s route has started, GPS coordinates are submitted with each vehicle inspection form. The GPS coordinates come through a link within the web app that directs the user to Google maps for exact locations.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Scheduling Software

Our non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software can assist with everything from manual and batch scheduling to optimizing routing and efficient billing.

First, our geo location technology allows dispatchers to know exactly where each driver is throughout the day. This feature allows for real-time dispatching of same-day and will-call appointments and enables dispatchers to make changes to the routes, as necessary. Additionally, drivers can time stamp exactly when they pick up and drop off each client, which is beneficial during the billing process.

Secondly, our automated billing technology can improve workplace efficiency, save time, reduce inaccuracies, and lower your accounts receivable timeline. This technology can even break billing down by multiple funding sources with varying rates, requirements, and limitations.

Finally, the robust reporting capabilities of our software allows your team to gain valuable insights into drivers’ performance, cancellation rates, and revenue optimization. Our driver insights reports give you a clear view of each driver’s on-the-road performance. It tracks factors such as speed, acceleration, and hard brakes to provide a driver’s score for each trip. Our revenue reporting solutions allow you to instantly determine how a change in the route schedule may impact revenue. You can also run reports to compare revenue data per trip, mile, or day.

The combination of our numerous non-emergency medical transportation dispatch features and seamless non-emergency medical transportation billing software with our software pricing can provide an excellent return on your investment.

Transportation Scheduling System

If your company is looking for a way to improve its routing and scheduling operations management, MediRoutes may be the ideal solution. The combination of our software technologies and NEMT driver mobile app helps streamline both the scheduling and routing processes. This technology uses an automated optimized scheduling algorithm to minimize deadhead miles distances and reduce overall travel time, which can help maximize revenue miles.

Between its convenient online scheduling process and automated trip reminders, your company can improve client engagement and satisfaction while reducing the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Plus, our transportation scheduling system allows the dispatchers to communicate with drivers to make changes to the route plan or provide additional information.

Our vehicle scheduling system also allows you to account for various transport routing challenges. For example, our software can factor in capacity limits for each vehicle in your fleet and account for the need for mobility devices, such as wheelchair or stretcher transport.

While non-emergency medical transportation scheduling and routing can be challenging, our easy-to-use software can help you overcome these challenges. Since it is a cloud-based platform, you can access the data you need from your desktop computer and any mobile device with internet access.

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