What is the Cost of NEMT Software?

So many health services available do not get the credit they deserve, and one of them is non-emergency medical transportation services.

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What is the Cost of NEMT Software?

NEMT business owners may struggle because they think they can manage every aspect of business and software themselves. Implementing systems that make your business more automated and less dependent on having someone to manually perform a specific task gives you and your employees a chance to focus on more planning for future expansion and any long-term goals.

NEMT services are essential resources for people who cannot get to medical healthcare facilities due to many factors. Such reasons may include limited mobility, ailments, or lack of support from other family members.

NEMT businesses are reliant on companies being on time and sensitive when it comes to patients. Implementing NEMT software is an excellent way to ensure that as your business grows, it retains its core values like patient sensitivity, time management, efficiency, and flexibility.

NEMT Software Pricing

Non-emergency medical transportation costs vary depending on the software package’s features, the company’s size, and how many employees work with your business. When considering NEMT software cost, there are several factors that a business should think about before implementing the entire system; these include:

  • What features are necessary for the day-to-day running of the business?
  • What features are not essential but are nice to have if the budget allows for them?
  • How much money is budgeted for implementing the software?
  • How much overhead will be saved by utilizing the software?

Once you answer these questions, you can calculate the cost of implementing this software to streamline your business operations.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

So many health services available do not get the credit they deserve, and one of them is non-emergency medical transportation services.

The primary purpose of NEMT services is to transport patients to medical appointments or the hospital if it is non-emergency. These individuals have trouble getting to health facilities for a range of reasons, including:

  • Not having a valid driver’s license
  • Not having a vehicle in the household
  • Unable to travel independently
  • Unable to wait independently, i.e., for a bus
  • Having physical, mental, or cognitive ailments
  • Unable to travel due to age

NEMT services allow all these types of patients to get the medical treatment they require.

Investing in non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software elevates patient services and streamlines operations. This empowers NEMT providers to increase profits, reduce overheads and be available to a broader range of patients.

NEMT software improves operational efficiency by:

  • Managing your medical transportation in real-time through scheduling and tracking tools.
  • Providing total visibility when it comes to drivers through GPS tracking. Depending on the NEMT software provider, this can be completed on a desktop and/or a mobile application.
  • Optimizing and automating schedules and routes so that transportation providers can reduce fuel costs and reach more patients per trip.
  • Integrating billing and invoicing services so employees are not overwhelmed with financial paperwork and can focus on long-term planning.

NEMT software reviews are completed regularly to ensure that the software is working optimally and helping businesses as much as possible. Companies like MediRoutes also offer support features to aid with post-implementation issues.

NEMT Transportation Providers

There are many types of NEMT transportation services depending on the customer’s needs. Some of the different types include:

  • Stretcher transportation: This transportation is reserved for patients who cannot get up and move independently or are bedridden. Patients who need a stretcher can useNEMT services if it is not an emergency.
  • Wheelchair transportation: This type of transportation is for customers who use a wheelchair.
  • Door-through-door transportation: This is for patients needing help leaving their houses and getting to their medical appointments.
  • Curb-to-curb transportation: This transportation means that patients are picked up outside their homes, taken to their appointments, and dropped off outside again.
  • Long-distance NEMT: This is for rural patients or patients who must travel a long distance to a specific health appointment, like a medical specialist.

There is quite a variety of different transportation services that NEMT companies provide their customers, and there are several topNEMT companies that will provide this service for whoever needs them.

NEMT Dispatch Software

NEMT dispatch software is a software package, or part of a software package or platform, that ensures that the routes are planned, and vehicles are scheduled optimally and efficiently.

The main properties of a NEMT dispatch software includes the following:

  • Automated scheduling to help NEMT dispatchers schedule routes and drivers accurately.
  • Fleet management can add, delete, or update your fleet of vehicles anytime.
  • Client management allows the company to keep an accurate record of the patient, so if they reuse the service, you will know any specifications they need. This will increase the trust between the patient and the service provider.
  • Assign drivers to trips in real-time and send messages to drivers about upcoming trips and routes.
  • Track the driver’s location with GPS. This can be completed on a desktop or anon-emergency medical transportation app.
  • NEMT dispatcher training so that all employees can utilize the many features of NEMT dispatch software.

This aspect of NEMT software can be incredibly beneficial for the NEMT company and its customers. Adding NEMT software to your operations will modernize and assist your business in running as smoothly as possible.

NEMT dispatch software can generate the best routes for your drivers that your employees may not have realized, as technology sees certain things more rationally than humans. It relieves some of your employees from repetitive tasks and frees them up for more business-critical duties.

Streamlined business operations reduce costs and overheads. Optimizing drivers’ routes can reduce fuel costs, which can be a considerable overhead and expense.

Better efficiencies make your business more reliable, which is excellent for customers as it improves the level of customer service you provide. Having a trustworthy service means you will have customers using your company repeatedly.

Best NEMT Software

One of the best NEMT software on the market is MediRoutes. We provide industry-leading, cloud-based software. It is customer-centered with 24/7 MediRoutes support. There are two different MediRoutes apps for service providers. One is a driver app to stay connected with all your drivers and collect informative data, like route times or the number of passengers per route. The second app is the MediRoutes desktop app which contains advanced features such as dispatching, scheduling, real-time driver tracking, and comprehensive trip metrics such as fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and driver safety.

The MediRoutes web app can easily be downloaded to all your dispatchers’ desktops from the App Store, Google Play, or any other app store. Once the MediRoutes download is completed, you can use your MediRoutes login to begin your journey of streamlining your business. MediRoutes provides an advanced analytics and billing section to help businesses plan for the future based on the information collected. From this information, NEMT providers can optimize operations, reduce costs, and increase profits overall. You need no minimum or maximum number of drivers to receive MediRoutes' expertly designed software. Whether you have one or even hundreds of vehicles, MediRoutes can help you.

MediRoutes is one of the best cloud-based NEMT software on the market for any NEMT provider looking to elevate its operations. If you want to streamline your company’s processes, decrease your overheads, and increase your profits to grow your business exponentially, contact us today and start your journey to a more trustworthy service for your patients.

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