Hi! My name is Sylvia and I'm a trainer with MediRoutes.  Though I just started with MediRoutes in November of 2022, I worked with the software and closely with some of the MediRoutes team while I was at my last position. Previously, I worked as a Special Project Coordinator and Trainer with a NEMT Broker.  There I helped build 2 positions that focused on training and support for our NEMT Provider subcontractors.  I learned and am learning a lot because I enjoy really listen to clients’ needs and assessing what MediRoutes tools will work best for those unique needs.

Both in and out of my work life, my passion is user experience and I find it fascinating when the connection is made between product and user goals and usability. I believe that my passion for genuinely listening to others’ needs and goals, and my ability to develop creative solutions, paired with the impressive passion and warmth of our Sales, Training, Support, and Development Teams, is going to help us continue to serve our clients’ needs in the best way possible and continue to make us the industry leader in NEMT software.

When I'm not at work, I enjoy yoga, going for bike rides along the Mississippi River levee, creating costumes with my friends and family, or just grabbing some amazing food in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  

Fun fact about

Sylvia Hudson


I am a certified child yoga instructor and I could eat ceviche every day of my life, which is a big reason that I love living on the coast!